About Mark

My first memory was of a train. My dad had built a toy train set for my sister, but in all probability it really was for him. My first memory was of a trip we took track side to watch the trains. I got to walk up and touch the magnificent wheel of a lonely old box car sitting there on the siding. It was all so grand and glorious somehow.

I grew up in Winona, Minnesota which was one of the great train watching spots in the United States. Through our little river valley passed one of the greatest cavalcades of passenger trains ever to grace the rails such as the Dakota 400, the Empire Builder and the sleek Twin Cities Zephyr. My favorite was the bright yellow Hiawatha of the Milwaukee Road.

Years past and Winona became a distant memory, but my love for the rails never abated. When living in Florida and working as a graphic designer and illustrator a friend had an article accepted in a magazine that was about a passenger train. The article was about The Champion and I was asked to submit some illustrations for the article. Thus was the start of my skills as an illustrator merging with my love of trains. The illustrations of the East and West Coast Champions were very successful and I was asked to make prints of them due to the many requests by readers for copies.

With the success of those prints I went on to continue to paint and make prints of other scenes of railroad historical landscapes which is the work that is represented here. Each scene represents a meticulous rendering of a part of American history—that of the American railroad.