Railscapes by Mark Harland Johnson

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Where the splendor of the great American landscape and its railroads are united on canvas.  Experience and purchase the railroad landscapes of
Mark Harland Johnson.

We live in a modern world that is desensitized to the experience of travel. One arrives at a busy airport and upon getting on an airplane becomes a sardine. In no time at all you are off, out and at your destination. While there is a lot to be said for fast travel, is there an alternative? What is it like to have a drink, read a book, relax and watch the landscape go by or enjoy a leasurely meal in the diner? Here’s to the grand experience of riding the great American railroad. All aboard!

Featured Work – The Century

The Century -- Artist: Mark Harlan Johnson
The Century — Artist: Mark Harland Johnson

Welcome to Railscapes.com and the introduction of The Century. This painting is an homage to Depression era America and the Greatest Train in the World, the 20th Century Limited.

With the art of Mark Harland Johnson, the dream of the railroad landscape has come alive through a loving hand and accurate eye.

Each railscape has been painstakingly researched and rendered with the most meticulous artistic technique and attention to detail. The research takes years to complete and since this is a labor of love, Mark does make it a point not to produce art by the numbers; he is obsessed with quality. It is his intention to make each work a masterpiece.